"After my car accident, I was lost and didn’t know what I needed to do. I was hurt and wasn’t able to go to work. After I came to Elie Aryeh, he got me my loss wage and settled my case with the insurance company for a good amount of money.  I was very impressed by the professionalism shown by him and his staff. I definitely recommend the Law Offices of Elazar Aryeh, PC. to anyone who is involved in an accident."


– Parvin Menashe

"The best experience I've ever had with an attorney. My accident case was handled expeditiously and I received a substantial amount of money for my case. Great attorney."


– Jonathan Safar.

"I was very happy with Elie and his representation of me regarding the accident I had in Queens. He worked diligently to get me what I considered a substantial amount of money. I highly recommend him and his office."


– Emor Friedman

"A very diligent attorney when it comes to real estate transactions. Highly recommended for both residential and commercial properties."


– Tery Miles

"Elie Aryeh fought to get the best monetary compensation from the insurance company for my injuries and succeeded in doing so. He advised me to wait when the offer was not sufficient in order for the insurance company to pay more. He was right. Now my family and I can relax and not worry about money problems."


– Susan Freedlander

"If you want a knowledgeable real estate attorney, I highly recommend Elie Aryeh. He is detailed oriented and helped us buy our dream home.  He kept us updated on the status of our purchase and worked out all the issues with the seller's attorney and the Title Company.  A great attorney to have on your side."


– Sara & Cyrus Setareh

"When I wanted to sell my business, my brother recommended his lawyer, Elie Aryeh. I was very happy with his representation, not to mention his reasonable fee. I've sold and bought numerous business since I first met Elie and have always used him as my lawyer. He is now our family attorney."


– Peter Garvey.

"I was the defense counsel in a personal injury case where Elie Aryeh was representing the Plaintiffs.  I was in awe of how Mr. Aryeh was able to demonstrate to the Jury the effects of his clients injuries and their future pain & suffering. He was articulate, clear and was able to relate to the Jury. As a result, we had no choice but to settle the case for a substantial amount of money before the Jury made its decision.  Since then, I have recommended Elie Aryeh to several individuals who were injured in an accident and will continue to refer him to others."


– Michael Gaber, Esq.

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